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About the 5th Cytokine-Based Drug Development Summit

As we receive more clinical read-outs from leading IL-2 and IL-12 therapeutic developers, we have seen a new wave of innovators working on novel engineered molecules and progressing these molecules to the clinic.

Now we have more in-depth translational insights, it is more important than ever to implement these critical learnings into every phase of cytokine development no matter where you’re working from discovery to the clinic.

At the 5th Cytokine-Based Drug Development Summit, across three-days of world-class content, we will delve into what really makes a molecule ‘developable’. Exploring computational models for target identification, protein engineering, and pre-clinical model selection while also focusing in on predictive modelling and clinical design, this is a program that cannot be missed.

Unmissable 2024 Highlights:


Dive into interactive discussions and hear exclusive translational insights during our workshop dedicated to futureproofing your program for translational success. Take the opportunity to evaluate choices from preclinical model selection, designing cost-effective IND toxicology studies, utilizing predictive biomarkers, predictive dose regimens and much more!


Recognize the evolving cytokine landscape by gaining crucial insights from previous setbacks from translation to the clinic. Our Landscape review is the perfect opportunity to hear key company updates across oncology, autoimmunity, infectious disease and other disease indications ensuring you keep your finger on the pulse of the industry.

Discover state-of-the-art engineering technologies for enhanced specificity, reduced toxicity and a widened therapeutic index from next-generation masking, computational models for directed protein design, mRNA approaches, and advancements in targeted delivery from LNP development to pH sensitive


Explore novel cytokines to learn more about the unique and promising properties of these less-explored molecules from IL-35 for autoimmunity with Imperial College London, IFN-λ for viral infections with Ethris and IL-33 for oncology with Ludwig Cancer Centre

Who You Will Meet: