8:25 am
Chair’s Opening Remarks

Outlining Targeted Approaches to Ensure Accurate Cytokine Delivery

8:30 am Conditionally Active, Localized Cytokine Therapeutics for Tumor-Selective Biological Activity


  • Examine engineered cytokine therapeutics with less systemic toxicity
  • Leverage differential protease activity in the tumor microenvironment to conditionally activate cytokines and localize their activity to the tumor
  • Discover how Probody cytokines have the potential to increase the therapeutic window and expand combination opportunities

9:00 am Reprogramming the Cancer Immunity Cycle With Cis-Acting Cytokines

  • Nikolai Kley Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer, Orionis Biosciences LLC


  • Understanding the design and engineering of targeted, conditionally active cytokines
  • Harnessing the therapeutic potential of interferons, interleukins and tumor necrosis factor(s)
  • Reprogramming the tumor microenvironment: targeting immune cells and tumor cells

9:30 am Enhanced NK & CD8+ T Cell Proliferation, Tumor Cytotoxicity & Reversal of T Cell Exhaustion With IGM-7354, an Anti-PD-L1 IgM Antibody & IL-15 Cytokine Fusion


  • IGM-7354 is an anti-PD-L1 pentameric high affinity, high avidity IgM engineered with an IL-15 fused to the joining chain designed to deliver IL-15 to PD-L1 expressing tumors to enhance anti-tumor immune responses
  • In vivo, IGM-7354 dose-dependently increased circulating NK and CD8+ T cells which correlated with tumor regressions. IGM-7354 was well tolerated in cynomolgus monkeys and dose dependently induced the proliferation of peripheral NK, CD8+ and γδ T cells
  • Explore how this therapeutic approach may enhance tumor localization of the immunostimulatory cytokine IL-15 through high affinity and high avidity binding to PD-L1 thereby improving anti-tumor responses and minimizing toxicity. IGM-7354 has entered Phase 1 clinical testing

10:00 am Panel Discussion: : : Guiding Cytokines to Their Appropriate Target Using Novel Mechanisms to Maximize the Efficacy of the Drug- Panel Discussion


  • Developing technologies that are more selective
  • Using antibody targeting technology to direct the cytokines
  • Targeting the linker closest to the tumor to make the approach more specific

10:40 am Morning Break

Exploring the Different Methods of Using Cytokines in Combination to Optimize the Drug

11:10 am Examining the Cytokine-based Drug Development Landscape


  • Overview of the oncology and non-oncology cytokine-based drug development landscape, both preclinical and clinical
  • Modalities being investigated in this field, with a focus on cytokine engineering strategies
  • The use of different cytokine classes, including an in-depth analysis of the interleukin landscape

11:40 am Understanding Dual Mechanisms Within a Single Molecule to Enhance Activity

  • Omid Veiseh Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Advisor, Avenge Bio


  • Exploring how dual mechanisms are better than hitting individual pathways
  • Managing mechanisms within a single molecule is easier and has closer proximity
  • What is the biological benefit with having dual mechanisms of a single molecule?

12:10 pm Nanrilkefusp alfa, a High-Affinity IL-15R Agonist Shows Additive Benefit in Combination With Other Therapeutic Drugs & Immunotherapies


  • nanrilkefusp alfa (SOT101) is a high affinity superagonist fusion protein of interleukin (IL)-15 and the IL-15 receptor α (IL-15Rα) sushi+ domain, representing a promising clinical candidate for the treatment of cancer
  • nanrilkefusp alfa as a monotherapy or in combination with pembrolizumab increases immune cell infiltration in tumors in clinically responsive patients in Phase clinical I study (NCT04234113)
  • nanrilkefusp alfa shows additive anti-tumor efficacy when combined with other therapeutic agents or immunotherapies in preclinical mouse tumor models

12:40 pm Lunch Break

1:40 pm SAR445877: An Anti-PD1-IL15 Immunocytokine


  • Evaluate pre-clinical data highlights for SAR445877 (in vitro and in vivo studies)
  • Review the potential value of cytokine linked to a PD-1 antibody (rather than dosing cytokine antibody separately)

2:10 pm Learnings From Cytokine Combinations in Oncology Clinical Trials


  • Discussing the novel combinations that are emerging in oncology clinical trials
  • Assessing how mRNA-based cytokine immunotherapies in combination with immune checkpoint inhibitors modulate the tumor microenvironment
  • Outlining future of combination strategies

Extending the Half Life of Cytokines to Optimize PK Properties

2:40 pm A Tale of Two Forms of IL-12: The Benefits of Extending PK


  • What challenges of dosing with rhIL-12 need to be overcome to finally see the benefits?
  • How is SON-1010 (IL12-FHAB) specifically targeted to the TME?
  • Gain an insight into the clinical development strategy for SON-1010

3:10 pm Potency Reduction & Half-life Extension of Cytokines to Improve Therapeutic Index


  • Potency-reduction of cytokines is a novel method to overcome native cytokine short half-life and high toxicity
  • Discover how potency-reduction of cytokines can also enable selective cis-targeting to specific cell populations (targeted-cytokines)
  • Review examples and data from several programs including XmAb564 (IL2-Fc), XmAb306 (IL15-Fc), XmAb662 (IL12-Fc), and LAG3 x IL15

3:40 pm
Chairperson’s Closing Remarks

3:50 pm End of Scientific Day Two