Increase Specificity, Reduce Toxicities & Improve Clinical Translation, to Develop Cytokines with a Widened Therapeutic Index Across Immunostimulatory & Inhibitory Molecules

Welcome to the 5th Cytokine-Based Drug Development Summit

With recent industry collaborations from Synthekine-Sanofi, Simcha-Janssen and OSE Immunotherapies-Abbvie, cytokine-based therapeutic developers are one step closer to the next wave of novel immunotherapies! 

As we enter a new era for cytokine therapies, armed with more cutting-edge technologies than ever before and enhanced translational understandings, the field is re-energizing the cytokine space to bring more life-changing drugs to patients. 

While leading cytokine therapeutic developers are using next-generationcytokine engineering technologies to tackle enduring efficacy and toxicity challenges to take their molecules through the clinic, the field is also looking to novel targets, novel cytokines and an expanded disease focus. 

Curating learnings from previous experiences, the 5th Cytokine-Based Drug Development Summit returns as the only industry dedicated cytokine meeting with a disease agnostic approach. The packed 3-day agenda will be addressing topics ranging from oncology to autoimmune and infectious diseases. 

This dedicated meeting brings together most influential thought leaders from Xilio Therapeutics, Pfizer, Regeneron, Deka Biosciences, Moderna, and others to address your pressing challenges in delivery, efficacy, and toxicity. Join them to delve into the most exciting opportunities arising from mRNA cytokines, 'cis-demasking' technologies, novel computational protein design approaches, and beyond. 




Industry Leaders Joining us in Boston:

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