Exploring how BPT567 (PD1-IL18) Induces Potent Anti-tumor Immune Responses

Time: 12:10 pm - 12:30 pm
day: Conference Day One


  • Revealing BPT567 as an immunoconjugate (IC) consisting of an IL-18 binding protein-resistant IL-18 payload that is chemically conjugated to a PD-1-blocking antibody
  • Triggering a profound expansion of intratumoral PD1+ CD8+ T effector memory cells accompanied by a high local induction of IFNg release within the tumor microenvironment. 
  • Outlining BPT567 exhibiting a strong anti-tumor efficacy at remarkably low doses of the IL-18 payload, which can be attributed to its ability to potently induce cis-signaling in PD-1+ T cells.