SOT201 is a novel targeted IL-15RBy agonist to alleviate PD-1- mediated immune cell suppression and potentiate anti-tumor efficacy

Time: 1:00 pm


  • SOT201 is a novel immunocytokine consisting of a monoclonal humanized, Fc silenced antibody against PD-1 fused to a covalent RLI-15 complex of a human IL-15 mutein linked to the high-affinity binding site of the IL-15R, the sushi+ domain developed for immunotherapeutic treatment of various types of cancers.
  • The activity of SOT201 is based on spatiotemporal reinvigorating of anti-tumor immune responses by disrupting co-inhibitory T-cell signaling by blocking PD-1 and synergistically activating adaptive as well as innate immunity by IL-15- mediated signaling via the IL-2/IL-15 receptor on T cells, NK, NKT, and γδ T cells.
  • SOT201 currently being prepared for Phase I clinical trial approval displays favorable pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic properties and induces strong anti-tumor immunity in various tumor mouse models.