Precision Engineering of Cytokine Therapeutics by Measuring Protein Interactions at Scale With AlphaSeq

Time: 2:10 pm
day: Conference Day One


  • Utilizing AlphaSeq, a tool for massive PPI data generation, IFNA2 and IL-21 cytokine variants are engineered with varied affinities for human and mouse receptors, guiding precision development of cancer therapeutics with reduced systemic toxicity
  • Exploring protein affinities and signaling potencies were orthogonally measured using biolayer interferometry and human PBMC phosflow assays, leading to the fusion of promising cytokines with anti-CD8 antibodies, significantly enhancing signaling potency in targeted cells
  • Enabling the creation of a therapeutic matrix of cytokines and antibodies, enhancing specificity and efficacy in targeted cancer treatments in immuno-oncology